Introducing Kitty Katering with Silver Cloud Sanctuary!

What is Kitty Katering?

Silver Cloud Sanctuary will bring between 1 and 5 lovable cats and/or kittens to your workplace to provide a fun experience to employees. Many of these cats/kittens are adoptable and looking for fantastic forever homes. Some are not adoptable but just as loving and deserving.
A Kitty Katering visit lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes, determined by the number of cats you wish to have visit your workplace.

What will Kitty Katering do for employees?

Cats are scientifically proven to lower stress in humans. Your employees will reap the benefits of purrs, head rubs, and maybe even a nose kiss or two!

What will Kitty Katering do for the cats?

Kitty Katering will get our adoptable kitties seen by more potential adopters and will help spread awareness of the various special needs and health problems that cats can face.

What does Kitty Katering cost?

Nothing! Just allow us to respectfully collect donations of cat food, litter, and/or funds IF your employees wish to give. No pressure, no requirements. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the kitties with or without donating.

How can my company participate in Kitty Katering?

Simple! Just have the person in charge send an email to and include a contact name and phone number along with a choice of 3 - 4 dates and times that you'd like our cats to visit your workplace! We'll compare your requested dates/times with our schedule, then contact you to let you know which date and time works best and to discuss how many kitties you'd like to have visit.

My company is outside of Walla Walla. Can we participate in Kitty Katering?

Kitty Katering is available only within Walla Walla at this time. We hope to expand to other nearby towns in the future. Please keep an eye for updates on our website at