Come on in and pull up a chair and get to know some of our Life Care cats. These are cats that will never leave Silver Cloud care. 
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  Bailey is such a beautiful boy, but life has not been easy for him. He's only about a year and a half old at the time of this writing. Bailey was a free roaming cat in southern California. He found his way to a shop where he was being fed - until the unthinkable happened. Bailey got his leg caught in a piece of equipment. The machine tore his rear right paw from his body, leaving him hurt and scared.
Bailey was lucky. He had a special Guardian come to his rescue. She trapped him and took him home until he could come to Silver Cloud. Bailey is learning to trust humans and healing both physically and emotionally.
  Drifter is so tiny you'd think he was a kitten instead of an all grown up boy of 5 years old! Drifter has skeletal deformities causing an exaggerated overbite, narrow hips, and a narrow skull. He has a constant case of the sniffles due to his skull pressing on his sinus cavity.
  Jessie is such a beautiful fluffy girl. Her fur is as soft as fine silk. Life hasn't been all butterflies and rainbows for Jessie though. Jessie is blind due to neurological damage caused by a brain injury. 
We believe that Jessie can occasionally see large shapes and maybe light, but it's not constant. Imagine how terrifying it would be if you could sometimes see shapes and/or light, then have it gone with just a blink! That's what life is like every day for Jessie. It's no wonder she's such a confused, frightened girl!
Jessie is currently on medication that will help stabilize the neurotransmitters in her brain that are causing her vision to come and go. We don't know if they'll help her see consistent shapes and light or if they'll throw her into total blackness. Either way, she won't be as confused and scared all the time.
*Jessie's vision is fully gone with the medications but she's no longer confused and afraid all the time. She's making tremendous progress in her behavior now!
  Kenway found himself where no cat ever wants to be - in a shelter. He was adopted and returned for being TOO FERAL - not once, but twice! A kind lady took him home to become her barn cat but she soon realized that Kenway isn't feral, he's an abused and terrified cat who needed to learn to trust and love again. Kenway is just sure that human hands only hurt, but he's learning that they're safe and good now. Kenway has made great progress while he's been here.
  Sky is just a tiny little thing. Isn't she gorgeous!? Sky was horribly abused and then those who hurt her abandoned her. She was just a young girl, all alone and having to survive with no help from anyone. Lucky for her, she crossed paths with a colony feeder who became her personal Guardian! Sky was trapped, spayed, and brought to Silver Cloud. She's made wonderful progress in learning to trust humans while she's been here.
  Toffee (black) and Caramel (orange) are our oldest residents to date. They're around 20 years old and they're bonded brothers who are never far apart. 
They found themselves in a shelter, and that's not a good place for old men to be. With the help of a network of Rescue Angels, Toffee and Caramel were pulled out of the shelter and brought to Silver Cloud all the way from California! What love, to work hand in hand with total strangers to save and transport two little old men who needed a safe place to rest their heads.
We have no idea how long the boys will bless our lives, but however long they have will be filled with love and kindness here in Silver Cloud.
*Caramel sadly left us for the Rainbow Bridge on 2-15-15. Toffee is still with us and, while he's deeply missing his brother, he is doing well.
  Tuffy is an older boy with cloudy eyes. He came to Silver Cloud after testing positive for FiV. He had deep punctures in his neck from being attacked by some animal, and his previous owners gave up on his when he tested positive. The same vet clinic that sent Odin to us (see the FiV info page to meet Odin) asked us to take this cantankerous boy. Tuffy is a lover who is terrified of any cats bigger than he is. For that reason, he chooses to spend his days in his enclosure.