Spirit is one of our most touching success stories. He’s become my forever furbaby, but he started out as a Silver Cloud kitty and will always live in our Silver Cloud Sanctuary.

Spirit was a colony kitty. Caregivers know them well; the kitties who sit at a distance and watch but never let you approach, never even consider allowing you to touch them. That was Spirit for more than a year. He would sit 5 or 6 feet away while I filled the feeders. He was TNR’d with the rest of the colony and gave his caregiver (during the hold time) a hard time during feedings. Spirit was a true semi-feral cat.

Spirit disappeared one day. He stopped coming to the feeders and I didn’t see him watching from the trees and bushes. 9 days later, thinking he was truly gone, I received a call from a lady in town who had a cat in her yard. The cat was dragging his lower body behind him, unable to walk, and hissing and being aggressive to everyone who came near. I grabbed my trap, jumped in the car, and headed down there only to find that injured cat was the very same one I had been praying to see again. I got him into the trap and took him home with me.

Spirit visited the vet the next morning, where he was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in his spine, a dislocated hip, and deep tissue bruising. His injuries were consistent with a hard blow to the hip area. The vet warned me that Spirit may never walk again.

After months of intensive physical therapy, gentle voices, and earning trust Spirit is now walking, running, playing, going up and down stairs, and utterly unstoppable. He’s also a loving, gentle furbaby with much to give.

If Spirit’s story touches you, please come join us on his journey. Spirit has his own facebook page filled with updates and even bits of news about his fur-family. We’d love to see you there!

Spirit’s Journey on Facebook


Sam & Sabbath

I adopted Sam and Sabbath from Silver Cloud Special Cat Services. They’re a bonded pair who gets sick if they’re not together for even a day. Silver Cloud helped me through their adjustment period and integrating them into our family. With both boys having feline leukemia they would have been killed at most places. Silver Cloud saved their lives, kept them together, and loved them until I found my best friends. Thank you Silver Cloud!




Silver Cloud saved Maisy! I was Maisy’s foster mom. As an FiV senior kitty, Maisy didn’t stand a chance in the shelter. Silver Cloud saved her life and allowed me the honor of taking care of her for the rest of her life. Maisy died knowing love instead of in a cold shelter, thanks to Silver Cloud.

~Miranda Simmons~



Shadow chose me. He’s a rugged, scarred old man with FIV and battle wounds from his time on the street. Silver Cloud rescued him, healed him, and helped him find his confidence. He chose my family and we couldn’t ask for a better companion.