In Memory of Dottie Drake...
On 4/10/17, one of Silver Cloud's sweetest angels was found unresponsive and was revived via CPR. Dottie remained unresponsive and passed from this life on 4/12/17. 
Dottie has been a cherished friend and a valued Silver Cloud supporter since the beginning of Silver Cloud. 
Dottie was visually impaired from a stroke, and she felt a special connection with our blind and partially blind kitties - especially Jessie. She often said "I have 3 kitties. Copper and Callie are with me and Jessie is in Walla Walla." We referred to Dottie as Jessie's "other mother" and she took great joy in that title.
Dottie adopted Copper from the sanctuary. She referred to him as her "sweet boy" and found joy in his silly antics. She once said that she loved how he walked across her chest, swishing his tail into her face. It was especially interesting when she'd just applied lip balm. Dottie and Copper shared a joy for ice cream and Dottie would tell of how fun it was to watch him do every cute and silly thing he could think of to get her ice cream.
Dottie never got the chance to visit the sanctuary in person, though her spirit lives on here in the hearts of those who knew her and in the cats that she so dearly loved. 
Dottie was kind hearted, gentle, giving of herself. To be called her friend was an honor. To be loved by her was to be loved deeply, unconditionally, and forever. The world has lost one of it's brightest shining stars.
Rest in peace, sweet Dottie. Your work here is done. Now it's time for you to enjoy your reward.