Welcome to Silver Cloud Special Cat Services

At Silver Cloud Special Cat Services we take in the unwanted, unloved, fearful, diseased, senior, and physically limited kitties and provide them with unconditional love and care. Those who are able to be adopted begin their search for loving forever homes while those who are unadoptable settle in for a life of pampering and gentle care.
Loving the Unloveable
Wanting the Unwanted
Saving the Unsaveable

Silver Cloud Special Cat Services Mission Statement:
To provide a safe haven for special needs cats including seniors, FiV+, FeLV+, and differently-abled.

Join us at 4pm Pacific December 23 for our 3rd annual Silver Cloud Kitties' Christmas Party! A link to our live feed broadcast will be posted to our Facebook page minutes before the party begins. Click here to join us on Facebook so you don't miss the party!

To donate to Silver Cloud Sanctuary, please visit paypal.me/silvercloud

Click HERE to view the Kitties' 2016 Christmas Party!

Silver Cloud is proud to have earned the Platinum Participation Level on Guidestar!